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Food for thought: What do you stand for?

In today's Culture Session, we took a look at some inspirational moments in the Rio Olympics. There's always something new to learn in everything. Let's take a look at 5 characteristics of some of the greatest athletes of this year's Olympics:   1. Never give up on your...

RLabs Academy 2nd Semester Scholarship Applications

We are so excited to announce that we will be opening the scholarship applications for all of those who are interested in applying to be part of our amazing Academy. There are a number of courses that will be available this coming semester, each of which...

A Chance2 Advance for Gugulethu

Empowering the nation starts with education. RLabs partnered with the Chance2 Advance programme, giving us the a platform to impact the local NGO’s and NPO’s in Gugulethu with capacity building. With 68 different courses running over a two week period, the Township of Gugulethu was...