RLabs through its training and development offering provides specialized skills programmes to community members for FREE that helps them with personal development, economic opportunities (jobs, businesses etc.) or further education. RLabs have equipped more than 125k people through its programmes and assisted over 90k with economic opportunities. RLabs offers training and development as a service to clients such as governments, non-profits, universities, development agencies and private sector partners. In addition to the training, RLabs also provides job/internship placements as well as curriculum development through its RLabs Course Lab.


RLabsU, the “Academy in a box”, is a community-based learning franchise where local community members are equipped with the training materials, skills and management to operate their own local community academy leveraging community assets. This low-cost operational programme have been deployed across 25 communities equipping 5000+ members annually.

 The RLabs Digital Labs is a partnership between RLabs, SafeHub and DBSA providing an innovative response to the realities of South Africa’s urban townships. that blends the best of what tech can offer with a locally-grown, grassroots solution for youth empowerment. The Digital Labs establishes itself as a catalyst in unlocking opportunities for young people presented by the 4th Industrial revolution. Its main focus is to provide opportunities to a despondent generation of unemployed, inappropriately skilled, underprivileged South African youth and enabling them to participate in the current and future economy.

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RLabs Connect recruits its youth through its own hubs, training programmes, partner networks and via digital platforms. Provide a Job Placement Implementation, Monitoring, Evaluation and Youth Development Portfolios service to the community. Combining these elements, RLabs Connect can ensure that they connect youth to employment opportunities, facilitate their transition into the workforce, and constantly improve their programs based on feedback and evaluations.

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 Skills Accelerator aims to equip youth to participate in the Digital Economy by developing their digital skills to succeed in a 21st-century workplace. We provide access to international and industry-led certification from trusted and globally recognized partners.