New CEO Leads RLabs South Africa

Rene Parker Officially Passes the Social Impact Baton.

New CEO Leads RLabs South Africa Rene Parker Officially Passes the Social Impact Baton. Cape Town, September 20, 2023 – Since 2009, RLabs South Africa has been directed by Rene Parker, the cofounder and now, previous CEO. Together with her husband and co-founder, Marlon Parker, they have steadily directed the organisation toward critical acclaim. Not even a recession could stop them from creating a stir and galvanising an intergenerational class of changemakers. Not even the pandemic could stop them from pushing to reach and impact an unprecedented amount of young people. It is under their tutelage that Christine Taphel, a young Psychology graduate from UWC, began to resemble the kind of character befitting of the role of CEO. According to Marlon Parker, she has always maintained a state of readiness to take the lead wherever the need arose. Even when confronted by overwhelming uncertainty, she simply said yes, then learnt what she needed to know at the time. She has been a key factor in how far RLabs South Africa has come since their inception. This attitude and degree of influence is doubtlessly the mark of a true, top-tier leader. Christine has been with them since the early years and has been instrumental in shaping the RLabs culture as it is. She not only embodies it in everything she is, does and stands for, but she is a leader of extraordinary compassion, vision and drive. Given their goal of impacting #2BillionHearts with #OneSharedVision, by 2030, She will certainly navigate RLabs South Africa and its authentic brand of social innovation, through the 4th Industrial Revolution. It is certainly an exciting time for the organisation. She will be their first incoming CEO appointment, and she came from within the organisation – an inspiring precedent for all RLabs beneficiaries.