RLabs has over 10 years experience in developing innovative products and services for Emerging Markets. Our education, entrepreneurship and technology innovations have been accessed by over 15 Million people across 5 continents. These products and services include, Education Programmes, Digital Content, Learning Management Systems, a Mobile Web Digital Rewards Application, and Innovative Learning Spaces for youth from underserved and excluded communities in Africa.

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Technology Solutions

RLabs have the Technology and Design capacity to help both start-up and established businesses with the prototyping, testing and build of mobile/web applications.
We built technology solutions that scale across continents, language and culture. These solutions have given opportunity to the most vulnerable, providing them with access to internet services, education, content and support to improve employability and economic wellbeing.

Design Thinking

RLabs applies a Design Thinking Methodology that boosts engagement and collaboration between various roleplayers, including those who will directly benefit from the innovation. We manage this process to help our clients and partners develop understanding, explore ideas, and build solutions for a desired future.


RLabs services include Training, Curriculum and Content Development for the private sector, governments, non-profits, and development agencies. We have successfully created and implemented training programmes for youth, helping them gain access to jobs, entrepreneurship and economic opportunity.

Innovation Strategy

Our consulting services support the Innovation Strategy of our clients who seek to enhance the products and services they offer to their customers. We co-create new innovations, product features, and technology products that create access to new services, resulting in social and economic opportunity for underserved communities.

Knowledge Exchange

A Knowledge Exchange is a service and learning experience that RLabs provide to business, academia and professional institutions that wish to gain insights into emerging markets, social innovation and the RLabs Culture.


The UI/UX Lab provides consulting services to RLabs clients who are exploring the development of innovative solutions to address a business challenge, or that seeks to launch a new product to market.
This process involves Ideathons, Deep Dives, Prototyping,Testing of Ideas, and Product building.
Services include media production such as Animation and Videography.
In the UI/UX Lab our team of creatives and consultants work alongside the client, using lean methodologies and agile product development to do rapid prototyping.