Embarking on any journey is fearful when it is unknown. You are, we hope at a stage when you want to find out what your potential future career and life path will be. Here at Grow, we want to empower you to discover yourself and what your life purpose and direction could be. As such we have designed a 2 phase approach;

If you listen to your fears, you will die never knowing what a great person you might have been." - Robert H Schuller


As with any foundation this phase will help provide the focus and give you a frame of reference. It's the content part and looks at how the global market is changing, what are the future skills required for the SA economy, where and how you want to fit in and how to manage yourself to achieve your personal goals and dreams. The streams we look at

Leadership – your life purpose, your values, your identity, self-awareness, who you are when no one is looking, life coaching sessions to see transformational change and resilience.
Entreprenuerial Mindset - how can you take the opportunities to create wealth for yourself and for others Social entrepreneurship how can you make a difference in your community.
Digital skills – these skills are to help you improve your computer literacy skills, introduce you to online learning platforms and develop your digital hard skills to access your workplace or assist you in entrepreneurial ventures.


As the word suggests you will be launching yourself to explore your talents, and put them into action. Its aim is to help you develop resilience and to help you take responsibility for your own decisions and actions. To be held accountable and live with the consequences of the decision that you act upon. Without the risk of taking ownership for your own decisions and actions to show initiative much of the content and theory will become of no use. You will also see the value of networking and using your own initiative. Either in the voluntary sector, further study or working world.

True North

To know that you are heading in the right direction, you will need to know WHERE YOU ARE NOW your current reality. You will need to identify your strengths weaknesses talents as well as areas of development, you could say the route to your true north.

Then when you become aware of where you are heading you need to take a step, INITIATIVE in the right direction. Nothing will happen if you do not move. Without taking action, your vision and objectives are merely empty dreams. As you launch out, new opportunities emerge sometimes in the most unexpected and surprising ways, even if you make mistakes.

By constantly replanning and acting you will make progress in life. When you look back you will see and be amazed at your achievements as a result of your resilience and purpose-driven action.


Like any journey it's a process, if you were to take a trip to Australia it starts with a vague idea and some exposure to the country, then you can confirm that you want to go there and the step is where in Australia. The answer only becomes clearer when you action and seek out answers. In the same way GROW is a process that you have to be fully committed to. No single stream or activity will provide all the answers in life. You are on an exploration an adventure which will require of you, lots of perserverance, initiative, adaptability resilience and courage. The value you will gain lies in your willingness and determination to work through the different exercises. It's a commitment to yourself


You will be assessed on a continuous basis and during the work of foundation Life Purpose you will have a written assessment;

Presenting your life Purpose statement
Submitting your Digital
Submitting your Entrepreneurship


We provide sessions of coaching for you to assist you in your journey. This may be done twice weekly. You will have to attend all of your sessions in order to qualify for the certificate.

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