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In Validator We offer an incubation and support programme for new products or services leveraging the RLabs networks, market access and resources. This is also offered as a paid-for service to external clients.
In Living Lab we offer learning journeys, knowledge exchanges and special events (hackathons, design & developer studios) that are either community-led or commissioned by a client

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Validator Showcase - Zlto

Founder - Allan Van Der Meulen

Zlto is aimed at rewarding young people for social community work, providing them with a way to make money and gain work experience in the process.

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BBC Minute CatchUP

The whole thing got started at a BBC Connected Studio event held in South Africa in collaboration with the BBC World Service. BBC Minute CatchUp was built by a team that attended from RLabs, a tech hub based in Cape Town. While the BBC was already producing the audio news, the web player itself is a new means of delivering the content through any site via simple HTML5 code. It could of course be re-purposed to feature other BBC audio content.

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Ideathon 2017

UN Women in partnership with UNFPA and HEAIDS hosted "Ideathon" workshops over two days, during the HEAIDS conference. It brought together more than 320 students over the 2 days of idea generation.

Six of the projects were selected by a group of panelists and was further developed into 5 digital prototypes within 24 hours.

More than 320 students participated over the two days generating ideas, building solutions and prototyping the ideas.

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